Saturday, December 29, 2007

That's how it starts...

And how does it start, exactly?

Sometimes I can't quite tell. And what will become of this? Another thing I'll marvel over at the start, and let slip away after a few months, even a few weeks, perhaps a few days?

An attempt at reflecting some aspect of myself, or what I'd like to project of myself, onto another soon to be defunct blog?

Or perhaps that's not the way to think of it, not the way to go about it. Maybe I really do need a little place of my own, this place, to post all my favorite songs and books and photographs and outfits. For my thoughts and mini essays that pop up in my head to find an outlet, even if the outlet is an imaginary audience. Even if it means nothing.

Maybe this is the nothing of reassurance that I need.

(And it seems that this would be more fitting, perhaps, upon the arrival of the new year. So near. Echoing that of the last college applications, the last attempts of--getting me away, I'm dying etc...somehow I like this better. A sort of before and after, if you will. Or maybe not. Maybe it shouldn't, and doesn't, matter.)

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