Friday, January 25, 2008

Things are beautiful

Some things I did today:

Africa presentation in art history. Featuring Hilary dressed as a lion, long long blocks of reading right off our slides, and really awkward wet sponge Ethiopian bread.

Feed the tons of leftovers of said Ethiopian bread to cute waddling ducks and vicious terrifying seagulls at Mission Bay.

Go the the Same Old Grind, sit and chat forever and delving into deep deep discussions of capitalism and people and style.

See Megan, an old acquaintance/friend via association come in for work and chat with her.

Head to Fashion Valley/Bloomingdales, for prom dress shopping. This turned into a long, long shopping journey through all the unaffordable stores and then some. I did find that one heart necklace I truly needed at forever21, though! And Ariel did find her prom dress at Betsy Johnson.

I think I'm still in love with vintage prom dresses from the '50s, and can't quite justify $400+ dollars for a dress that's not absolutely perfect and I can bear to live without.

It's been a bit of a strange week. And today felt nothing like a Friday.

Last night I dreamt that Rachel died (and it was quite disturbing and unhappy in the dream), and there was something that had to do with being underwater and being on acid. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean. I did, however, fall asleep before midnight, which made getting up slightly easier.

Lovely things indeed.

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  1. haha..I dont think I am affordable for any dresses @ bloomingdales..Come to Malaysia, the best is Bangkok for shopping.