Monday, July 14, 2008

A LLong Goodbye

It's strange, reading my future classmates' notes on facebook or blog entries, moments of sentimentality about leaving the life they've always lived for a new beginning. Grand plans or little things for the remainder of the summer, cherishing the last few weeks of a familiar routine and place.

But for me, there is no sentimentality. Not concerning the last bits and pieces of San Diego, at least. It makes me a bit sad, that there is not more left to want to remember.

Even, once upon a time, a few months ago, I might have thought that I would miss the long rides and late night walks, coffee shops and trips to the beach, the familiar areas. Somewhere between then and now, between the future and present I envisioned in my mind versus the snapshots of reality, I lost that sense of nostalgia and something else that I can't quite get. I'm as detached from everything here as I possibly could be, and while i feel lots of hope for future memories and moments, it doesn't make the days go by any faster.

It is quite strange, though, how I ended up here, how nearly every single event, if they hadn't happened exactly in the way that they did, things could be so very different. Or perhaps not. The mysteries of life that I'll never know, I suppose.

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