Tuesday, September 9, 2008

in the rain

I love New York when it rains. Yes, after being drenched and splashed by disgusting puddles and being lost in Chinatown in the darkness/wetness and navigating the subways and streets trying to handle all our possessions and umbrella and keys and IDs and Metrocards, it loses a bit of the romance and beauty. But, on days like this, when it is just raining hard enough to be noticeable but not so much that it is an outright downpour, when the temperature is at that perfect level where it's not too cold to just wear a dress and without hints of that terrible humidity, and the sky is a pale gray blue, it seems wonderful just be walking back from class (armed with an umbrella, of course) and marveling at the simplest beauty around me.

This new (or rather, renewed) fixation with seeing beauty in unexpected places and writing about its marvels and what not is actually a semi-direct result of my two current writing-centric classes. We learned about "showing vs. telling" in Writing the Essay today--which I found rather amusing and purposeless. It's just not really the sort of thing you learn in a classroom environment. It's something I learned from Stephen King years ago by reading On Writing , and mostly something you pick up over time with a lot of reading and writing. But pulling it aside and discussing it in that environment, though, just made me (re)realize that this is what I am meant to be doing. Now, then, and forever. Would I give my life to write? Yes, yes I would. And I mean it.

Meanwhile, the Writer in New York involves my brilliant professor who is an inspiration if nothing else. The things that he says, the readings that we will do, I am sure, directly or indirectly is going to make me work like hell to write better. He talked about the beauty of the New York sky--jigsaw pieces, unique only to the city. The way the leaves and sunlight danced on the sidewalk at a certain hour. Soaking in this, everything around me. It is the perfect class for me, bringing out what I may have forgotten or had tucked away in the back of my mind. But this is it, here I am, in New York and more than just doing the "college experience" but beginning the other experience. You know, the one where I learn outside the classroom and breath in the city and life buzzing around me and turn its unique brand of beauty into something else.

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  1. wish I was there to breath in some of the atsmosphere. I am stuck in boring old Michigan doing free lance writing.

    Wanna trade?