Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I Love Thursday!

Idea stollen from the lovely Gala, of course. This is the first time I'm officially doing it on my own blog, though, so even that's a cause for celebration!

♥ Living in New York
♥ The few poster decorations I've put up that makes the room so much more interesting to look at
♥ Laughing forever about the littlest things with my new friends
♥ My roommates! Tila Tequila and Alice are so incredibly different but so incredibly fun.
♥ The Writer in New York class--my professor seems absolutely insane and brilliant. He is going to force me to start writing again, I can feel it, and I love love love that!
♥ Christopher Street, all the gay bondage shops, the Spy Shop, Oscar Wilde bookstore and of course the fact that it leads to the gorgeous Hudson.
♥ Being able to walk everywhere--and finding everything I need within walking distance, or at most a Subway ride away
♥ The church across the street. It helped me pinpoint my way in the start and is just a lovely monumnet to have in general.
♥ The fact that one of my RAs is working for Marc Jacobs!
♥ Seeing BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE for free tonight, thank you NYU!

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