Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Some things I've been doing recently:

+Going to too many shows (Goldfrapp. amazing. worthy of three posts all on its own. religious experience. Bloc Party. fun and made me want to see of montreal more. Stars. amazing. i walked away with a rose and having met the band and invaluable secrets of Torquil's top five favorite things ever: 1. girls 2. songs about girls 3. milkshakes 4. dogs 5. marvin gaye. And in between, Noah and the Whale for free at a record shop. Today, earlier, Calexico for free in a tiny intimate record shop. so so so so good.)

+Staying up way way too late (one in the morning is considered early. Three is normal. This is not okay. So tonight I'm making a vow to go to bed before midnight. It's 11:40 but I'm finished with my essay and will adhere to my goal.)

+Little mini ridiculous adventures and conversations (hard to explain! and hard to elaborate. every moment has something in store)

+Cherishing my solitude (having your roommates gone for a weekend reminds me of the wonders of waking up and falling asleep alone. it is absolutely precious. other people want to wake up next to someone special, i want to wake up and fall asleep in my own bed in my own room and without anyone else there please and thank you.)

+Planning (having lunch with a bum?!, future adventures, my schedule and time better, reading books I finally got from the New York Public Library!)

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  1. i'm so glad you are enjoying life right now. :)