Saturday, October 25, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things


My new favorite obesssion song is, yes, in the iPod NaNo commericial. So, it is catchy. It is bound to be stuck in your head. But it is also completely sweet and sentimental and haunting. It is being permantely black and blue for someone and that verse when the male singer comes in about the frozen strawberries to ice her bruised knees is just about one of the most perfect moments in songs i've heard in a good long while. It seems to be the perfect soundtrack to everything lately. J'adore.

My other new favorite obsession, that I can't recommend highly enough, is the Poladroid, which will turn your digital photos into Polaroids and is rather amazing. I spent all day playing with it. It is only available for Mac OSX currently, sorry rest of the world! But if you have a Mac then you absolutely must get this.

And now that I have a collection of wonderful polaroids as a storyboard, here's a recap of life in polaroids.

Washington Square Park. It is perfect for a day of reading and people watching. At certain times, when the perfect crisp fall breeze drifts just right, the leaves begin to drop from above, the jumping squirrels and pigeons pacing the grass field all seem to perform this wonderful synchronized and beautiful dance. It's getting a bit cold to be sitting in the park so much, but I will put on winter coats and scarves and gloves if needed to enjoy the little bit of campus that we have.

This is apparently what we spend our days eating. Happy bread! It is surprising how much I'm learning to enjoy a meal of peanut butter on toast at Downstein.

Alice tends to spill a lot of various liquids at dinner. Sometimes she also can't button up her blazer afterwards. Maybe it's all the happy bread...

On certain weekend nights we go on journeys. One night we walked across the brooklyn bridge--it is incredibly beautiful.

I think nyc is just generally more beautiful at night, more like that postcard image most people have in mind than the busy hustling at times overwhelming and clashing mess it can be during the day.

One of my new favorite places and discoveries is the South Street Seaport. It is charming and feels completely different from the rest of Manhattan.

It has one of the most incredibly wonderful shops I've ever come across. Inside, walls of adorable crocheted keychains, hairclips, bow headbands on glass bowls on the tables, sparkling necklaces in open drawers, vintage mirrors and wonderful things all around. Everything is really overpriced, though!

There is one section with bizarre circus like disco (with no one dancing) and hammocks overlooking the river. I got stuck in one.

And Alice became a ghost.

Sometimes exciting gay sex/rave parties with amazing installations goes down at south street seaport.

And times like these I sort of wish I was a gay boy...

And then, of course, I make mixtapes. Spend way way too much time on making mixtapes.

Would you like a mixtape? If you do you should let me know.

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