Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Listmaking 101: San Diego

Here's a list of all the things I hope to do when I go home for break. This is what I spend my time doing, yes, instead of doing writing the essay...

Go to Tapioca Express and get crispy chicken snacks!
Classy champagne dress up party
Flirt with a cute barista at Gelato Vero
Go to the zoo!
A wardrobe remix/fashion photoshoot!
Sell/donate clothes I no longer wear
Drive somewhere we don’t know, make up names and characters, act in character and eat at a restaurant in this new unfamiliar place
Walking somewhere rather far
Spending a whole day in bed, reading, listening to music, daydreaming, total indulgence
Send Christmas cards to all my New York friends in their hometowns
Bake vegan cookies and watch something
Walk along the beach
Have a dance party!
Going to the Museum of Contemporary Art
Righteous singalongs
Seeing all of the following people: Ariel, Riley, Rachel, Sabrina, Trevor, Dagney, Nick, Robert, Lauren, Austin, Steven Stevens, Kate, Beckee, Dave
Visiting Ms. Stanley
Visit Bookstar! Read sex books for a long time and giggle! While wearing ridiculous clothes!
Vintage shopping!
Go to LA!
Spend a day naked
Use a pickup line on a stranger
Go on a long drive
Go to the park at night and sit and watch the stars
Wear a dress and run barefoot along the beach
Bring a notebook everywhere
Sass someone I used to hate
Go to the New and Exciting Target!
Hangout with Adrian!
Take too many pictures!
Kiss someone!
Make a new year’s resolution


  1. "Go to Tapioca Express and get crispy chicken snacks!"

    Hah, yes! I wouldn't normally comment, but that's what I'm planning when I get back to San Diego. That and a hot stone bowl from Arirang House.

  2. thanks for including my photo in your blog entry...
    have a great summer! :) xoxo