Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A-Z of 2008

2008 has been an incredible year. And here's an alphabet of some of the reasons that made it so!

A is for Alice, Aids, & adventures
B is for Betsey Johnson, burlesque, british accents (and everything british, really) and delicious boba
C is for cupcakes & cake (delicious and sparkly or pink and fulfilling), central park, coats
D is for dances of vice, and of course, DFW
E is for elevator dance parties! Elevator etiquette! Elevator awkwardness! Elevator waits!
F is for fall! The gold, red, orange, green leaves. Walking on a path of leaves, and going to Fashion week.
G is for Gaspard Ulliel. Self explanatory. And Goldfrapp, especially live, basically a religious experience.
H is for happiness and hope and having so much of both.
I is for independence, for having the freedom and the ability to do whatever I want, whenever, and knowing that anything is possible!
J is for Jens Lekman, arms out like an airplane and singing "We're All Gonna Die" and DJing cute indie pop songs
K is for Kevin Barnes. Obviously.
L is for late night laughing fits and long naps
M is for mixes! Ones that people listen to over and over again, ones that convey sentimentality or attempt to impress, ones that take too long to make and even longer to consider

N is for new york city! And nonsense nyc for providing all the ways of occupying my time in nyc! And NaNoWriMo, as always, for forcing me to write a novel in a month.
O is for okcupid, for at the very least hours of procrastination, making new friends, and offering plenty of laughs
P is for pretentiousness, frequenting art museums, name dropping film makers no one else had heard of, knowing that your taste in everything is better than everyone else’s!!
Q is for questions about absolutely anything and everything. Do mermaids have AIDS? How about vampires?
R is for rain! Because even when it’s wet and miserable, even when I’m drenched and disgusting, even when it’s humid and all my clothes are ruined, when it is the most inconvenient thing possible, and the big rain drops are the last thing I want—stepping in or around puddles and the way the park looks after it, is still rather wonderful. & roommates & romance.
S is for snow! The most wonderful, magical and beautiful sight. And singalongs in the snow! And Santas!

T is for tumblr. Because I’m madly in love with obsessed with and addicted to it. And, of course, TEA! Mostly green and white, with various flavored black, and all the little bits in between. Because it's hard to pass a day without it.
U is for university, because this one’s got it’s flaws, but it’s also quite something. Something in which I can actually learn! In classes! And one that is at one with the city! & unsilent night
V is for vanity, because who doesn’t love walking past a store window, and falling in love with your own reflection? Or spending hours and hours on looking good, babbling on and on about how awesome a certain dress makes you look?
W is for Washington square park, despite the construction, and the abundance of sketchy characters, and for winter, my writer in NY class, and a winter wardrobe
X is for xtc, not necessarily the kind you swallow in a pill, but the kind that fills you up from these little moments and interactions and threaten to explode with so much god damned happiness
Y is for YOU! You the stranger on the subway, the anonymous reader I’ve never met and never will, you the friend from back home, you the new friend I’ll meet in the future, you the countless faces and smiles and gestures and passerbys that make life what it is.

Z is for zhe end of the year. (Yes I really did just type that.) Because 2008 has been an excellent, wonderful year, filled with changes and surprises and magical opportunities. But I am now completely happy with its end and look forward to the new year. And even more adventures to come!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Finished the Novel!

Yes. I did. I needs a lot more editing and spell checking and work, of course, but today I have put an end to the story. Today I am also officially done with all my finals/classes. Today is a success.

And now, in celebration of finishing the novel and statistics, here is fun with statistics about the novel!!

+My novel is 77,425 words, according to Word. It's 106 pages, in Garamond 12pt font, single spaced, 1inch margins. 1313 paragraphs, and 5054 lines.

+I've got two Word documents with half of the novel in one and half in the other. Some weird technological issue in the middle of the month...and issues with Google Doc. Don't ask. But, collectively, I've spent 2562 minutes on the novel. Of course that's not taking into consideration...the hours and hours I spent staring at the thing writing a few words, at the time, or just leaving the Word document open but minimized while procrastinating. Which, admittedly, probably took up half of those minutes. That is 42.7 hours, which makes it an average of writing 1813 words per hour. Which, from word wars, I know, I can write in half an hour, more or less. That's a lot of procrastination not writing at my actual speed time.

+Google Doc tells me: my Flesch Reading Ease is 78.99, my Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level is 6.0, my Automated Readability Index is 7.0. I don't really know exactly what those mean, but I took a glance at the wikipedia articles and I feel like this just means my novel is really easy to read. I'm not sure if this is a good thing.

+According to Word, here is what my novel is about in ten sentences: Brown hair, hazel eyes, wicked smile. Time travel.     Our boy smiled. Eyes.  love, “Gabriel.” Gabriel smiled. If the blond boy knew. If anyone knew. The what if.

Sounds pretty accurate.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

winter tales

I'm feeling strangely sentimental--but I suppose it's not really that strange. After all, yesterday evening, I spent a good two hours listening to Christmas music (this mix, in fact, which I can't recommend enough) I came out of the subway and into New York's first snow. It started as hardly noticeable flurries, and eventually, as we walked in search of an unfamiliar pub for the NaNo TGIO party, it became real snow. And it was the most wonderful thing, to be walking on the streets of New York City in the snow, and us, singing ridiculous songs we all knew the lyrics to, or Christmas songs, badly. 

But mostly there was the snow. Snowflakes on my black fuzzy gloves and on our eyelashes and in our hair. Snow that we watched slice through the night air. Snow we could see under the lamp lights. And yes, of course, many people would disagree with me, a lot of people are nonchalant or ambivalent or downright hate it. But for me, the first sign of a true real New York winter, this was bliss. I laughed as we walked through the snow and I can't wait, until more of it falls, until it blankets the city. And, for now, I am adoring the cold cold weather. I am at ease in sweaters and coats and scarves and layers. I am cherishing it, for the new two weeks, until I escape back home. 

And in the meantime, this sentimentalism, that maybe comes with the inevitable Sunday-late night mood changes, procrastination, search for that something or another that I'll never find (according to Synecdoche, New York, which I think I'd recommend for those searching for meaning and a fan of Charlie Kaufman), that maybe comes with this weather and the desire to stay warm and cozy inside, that comes with listening to too many songs whose purpose is to inspire sentimentalism, and songs that seem to be about just this, sentimentalism that is possibly misguided but sort of wonderful and fulfilling...

Life has gotten pretty surreal. Possibly even more so than before, but I suppose it's always had that touch of surrealism, as long as I'm here. The surrealism is part of what makes it so wonderful. And what am I trying to say, here? 

I think I've forgotten my original purpose. But soon it will be Christmas day, and although I won't be spending it in the city, part of me, probably, will remain in this city. And although I've never been a big fan of Christmas, really, perhaps this year I'll have a bit more heart for that holiday cheer. Oh geez I think I'm speaking in holiday card language now...but hey. It's snowing on this blog, and the snow is wonderful, and sometimes maybe that's all that you need.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Listmaking 101: San Diego

Here's a list of all the things I hope to do when I go home for break. This is what I spend my time doing, yes, instead of doing writing the essay...

Go to Tapioca Express and get crispy chicken snacks!
Classy champagne dress up party
Flirt with a cute barista at Gelato Vero
Go to the zoo!
A wardrobe remix/fashion photoshoot!
Sell/donate clothes I no longer wear
Drive somewhere we don’t know, make up names and characters, act in character and eat at a restaurant in this new unfamiliar place
Walking somewhere rather far
Spending a whole day in bed, reading, listening to music, daydreaming, total indulgence
Send Christmas cards to all my New York friends in their hometowns
Bake vegan cookies and watch something
Walk along the beach
Have a dance party!
Going to the Museum of Contemporary Art
Righteous singalongs
Seeing all of the following people: Ariel, Riley, Rachel, Sabrina, Trevor, Dagney, Nick, Robert, Lauren, Austin, Steven Stevens, Kate, Beckee, Dave
Visiting Ms. Stanley
Visit Bookstar! Read sex books for a long time and giggle! While wearing ridiculous clothes!
Vintage shopping!
Go to LA!
Spend a day naked
Use a pickup line on a stranger
Go on a long drive
Go to the park at night and sit and watch the stars
Wear a dress and run barefoot along the beach
Bring a notebook everywhere
Sass someone I used to hate
Go to the New and Exciting Target!
Hangout with Adrian!
Take too many pictures!
Kiss someone!
Make a new year’s resolution