Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Know Where the Summer Goes

Summer projects and ideas (because I love making lists and there's nothing quite like a blog entry in list form to remind me and keep me on track):

Big Ones:
+Read Infinite Jest
+Finish editing novel, query agents
+Learn to cook

little things:
+Photography projects (365 + 100 Strangers) as well as, maybe:
-The Housemate/Friends project: portraits of my new housemates and neighbors and friends
-Laura's Cooking Adventures project: photo diarying my attempt at learning to cook. This might fail miserably
-Use Film. Self explainatory.
-Fashion Photography project: style, make up, shoot, processing, the whole deal.
-Closet project: cataloging my favorite processions in an aesthetically pleasing matter
-Life & Adventures project: in which I attempt to do more exciting things with my life and actually bring my camera to said exciting things instead of being so caught up in the excitement that I don't take any pictures, as I usually tend to do in the past.
+Watch French movies. Both to review French and because they are quite delightful.
+Wear more makeup.
+Wear clothes I normally never wear.
+Make art
+Explore NYC. This has always been a summer project/mindset, but I've been letting convenience get in the way of it, so no more of that and yes to more embracing of the city.
+More to be added.

This is on top of internship + whatever job I'll end up having, provided that I can find one. I can think of lots more but I think this will be my basic list for now. The big ones should be quite time consuming, but necessary and rewarding. And my photography project are just brainstorming 101 to get me out of this slump. They might be fun, I might not do them. But perhaps I will do all of it, and that, ladies and gentlemen, would be quite wonderful. Too much thinking and planning now, so wish me luck and until next time.

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