Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Spend a Rainy Day

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It's an utterly miserable day here in Brooklyn, NY, with dreadful gray muggy skies and a humidity and heat to suffocate. It's easy to get caught up in the general unfortunate state of the world and the weather and fall into an unhappy slump, but it's just as easy to embrace what the weather brings, whether by enjoying the loveliest day indoor or dancing in the rain! Here are some marvelous things to do on a rainy day:

+Make a cup of your favorite tea (or coffee) and curl up in bed with a book
+Start a project--art, writing, craft, whatever it may be. Find unexpected supplies in the house.
+Play dress up and blast your favorite electro-pop
+Watch a classic film (try Godard for guaranteed aesthetic delight)
+Find an area outdoors, under scaffolding or a hideout in a park where you can watch the rain and thunderstorm fall all around you
+Break out a bright cheery umbrella and a pair of rain boots and stomp through outside!
+Watch (and listen to) the rain drops against your window from the safety of your room
+Listen to rainy day music--be that old Elliott Smith or Crystal Castles, or just put "rain" as a keyword in iTunes and see what it brings
+Look through old photos and read old diaries
+Hide under pillows and sheets
+Learn a new language. No, really, why not start now?
+Make a list of things you want to do on a bright sunny day, and as soon as the rain stops, go out and do them!
+Reorganize your books, music, shoes and closet
+Play a board game
+Take an empty jar, head outside and catch raindrops until it's filled
+Put on some fun clothes and shoes you won't mind getting wet, and go dance outside! Get soaked and sing out your favorite songs! It'll be utterly exhilarating, I promise.

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