Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday I finally got my first roll of film developed, and some of it turned out surprisingly lovely, and brought back quite a few fond memories. I really like the anticipation of a roll of film and remembering what exactly I shot, and it'll be nice to start balancing both film and digital for future endeavors. My next roll is 36 exposure, and having seen this I can probably play with subjects and framing a bit more. But even this, even now, reminds me of countless adventures in the city. And that is never a bad thing.
A few of my favorite things: birthday roses, my latest novel, and my dear, darling D40.
Once upon a time, Rachel and I had grand plans to see Shakespeare in the Park, and got up at five in the morning to wait in line. We never got the tickets, naturally, but at least we waited most of the time by the loveliest view.
From Luis, Rommie and my photoshoot. Rommie starring in trashy American Apparel ad, apparently.

A storefront somewhere down Metropolitan.
Classic east village.
Classic West 10th Street (previously)
Classic Tompkins Square Park?

Obscura might very well be my favorite store in all of the world, and if I could I would have just taken pictures in there forever, and lived there forever as well.
In fact, last time I visited I spent a good deal of time staying and chatting with the owner and a regular, about wonderful morbid books and the history of the pieces at the place. It's my Gothic oddities disturbing beauty dream come true.
And it's the scene for countless stories to come, I think.


  1. fuck yes film!

    it's expensive but i'm so happy to see you putting your photography skills down on plastic

  2. what type of camera did you use to shoot with? i dig it.

  3. these are lovely. you can't get nice film cameras in my country. they practically dont exist anymore!


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  5. You've written a novel? May I have the title?