Monday, August 3, 2009

hello new apartment!

I moved into my new apartment last night, and spent today getting too much groceries and setting up my room. It's lovely, and especially nice to have my clothes and jewelry somewhere visible! Plus, there is a fat, adorable squirrel who seems to live on the tree directly outside my window. I think I'll have a new friend soon, and the bright lights in here will ensure that I won't have too horrible of a time trying to read and write and take pictures.

The headband display.



Not pictured: Infinite Jest.


Left to right: Target patent leather mary-janes, newly repaired & shined Ferragamos ♥, brown patent leather oxfords, H&M stiletto platform oxfords (also with newly fixed heels!)




  1. Love the pictures!
    hope you settel in well at your new appartment :)

  2. That is the cutest lil apartment I have ever seen! It's absolutely lovely. And I love these photos. What are you going to name your little squirrel friend?

  3. just came across your have a lovely apartment and a great blog.

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