Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

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+going out dancing alone!
+green tea mochi ice cream
+cold cold showers on hot summer days
+staying up late reading in bed
+decorating & settling in my new place
+leaving origami hearts with cheerful messages on subways
+writing & passing notes with strangers
+combat boots!
+dark chocolate naked in bed
+B&H (not only do I feel like a kid in a candy store but there are actual bowls of candy everywhere!) because it is a photographer's dream come true
+stomping around in ridiculous too high heels all the time for no good reason
+decadent grocery shopping (♥ Trader Joe's)
+dinner table story telling long into the night
+getting brilliant ideas at ridiculous early hours of the morning
+making typography/lyric inspired art in my little notebook
+a cloudy day of relief from the heat after a terribly hot week!
+sweet and tiny grapes

Et toi, my loves? Bits & pieces that's making you absolutely delighted this week?


  1. mmmm this was lovely to read :)

    I've loved tip toeing through galleries in old buildings with my best friends today :) Taking photos of them taking photos hehe

  2. i love staying up late reading also, what makes it more special is having a little lamp as the only source of light makes me feel extra cozy. And I going to try that idea leaving origami hearts with messages on the subway :]
    oh an tiny grapes those are so delicious, i had them once when i was younger but they dont sell them anymore in my area

  3. Things that make me happy this week:
    taking pictures.
    putting togheter an lovely package for the lovely package exchange.
    finding inspiring blogs/sites[like ours].
    walking with my bare feet in the grass, in an august morning.