Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

+marvelous music--I haven't been able to stop listening to the (new) Taken By Trees, Girls or Rural Alberta Advantage.
+the Pacific! I never thought I say this but, sometimes there's nothing like spending a day at beach. Even if it does mean sand in my shoes and the frightening San Diego sun.
+baby boba--I guess this is what happens when bubble tea runs out of regular tapioca. But baby boba, aside from having an adorable name, are pretty adorable to eat/drink as well.
+long scenic bus rides
+reading in the grass-this pretty much never ever gets old
+discovering forgotten bits and pieces in my room
+time zones! Thanks to the three hour difference, I now go to bed and wake up at the most perfectly acceptable of times.
+racy conversations
+std fury-rarely does a semi educational song about stds sound so absurd and hilarious and catchy.
+these pointy yellow flats. A gift from Gigi and I've forgotten all about them until I came home. Now they might be my new favorite shoes ever. (Although I probably take pictures of them too much)

And what about you my darling readers? What's got you bubbly and smiling this week?


  1. - freshly dyed hair, and discovering that my hair colour Passion Red is also the name of my favourite (and only) lipstick! Amazing discovery.

    - Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson- Relator stuck in my head all day. How is it she can act, look gorgeous and sing! Most envious of her singing with Jesus and Mary Chain though.

    - rediscovering black clothing (not that i ever stopped wearing them ;D) – simple ways to look effortless good. two cardigans which make me feel like i’ve a cape, and a top which makes me feel like an eighties girl.

    - lying in the park watching the stars with a boy at a random morning hour.

    - making plans to go to Stonehenge to celebrate the autumn equinox with my friend!

    - being given a stack of books to sink into :]

  2. -my sweetie who i'm not dating yet but he is so cute
    -the thought of gettin my liscense :]
    -my dorm room and how cool its gonna be
    -going back to campus

  3. Your post inspited me to make my own. Here's mine. Please take time to read. (: Keep on writing. (: