Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Love: Abby Try Again

Abby captures a stunning beauty in the simplest of things. A streak of sunlight across scattered flowers, delicate fabrics and clothes in a picturesque line...her work is delightful and sweet, optimistic and charming with a timeless quality. A lovely existence that I can only dream of...check out some of her wonderful work and hear her love affair with film, her successful print shop, advice for aspiring photographers and a glimpse into the life of abbytrysagain.

When did you start taking photographs?
I've been taking photos my whole life, not necessarily good ones, but I've always been interested in journaling and documenting. I started sharing those in 2005 when I started blogging but feel like I didn't get serious about it until a few years ago.

What kind of camera(s) do you own and use?
The main camera I use is a Yashica Tl-electro I also own a bad point and shoot digital, several Polaroid cameras, a holga and some other really old medium format cameras.

You shoot film a lot, which is relatively rare to see this in this day and age. Any particular reason why you favor it? Do you ever shoot digitally and what do you think about it, in general?
I totally adore the look of film. I like holding something in my hands, I like its permanence. I love the color film produces, and I love the surprise of it. That being said-those are also the things that frustrate me about film-all the negatives to organize, the cost, the surprise etc. I've shot with a digital SLR and liked it okay, but I don't own one yet. I'm sure someday I will buy one-but for now it's not in my budget. Almost all of my cameras are from thrift shops and my main one (the yashica) cost me only about $10 or $15.

Do you think your environment influences your photographs?
Yes! I try to only shoot things that happen to me in my life. Every once in a while I will plan a shoot-but for the most part my photography is a glimpse into my life.

Speaking of influences, what are some of yours? Any favorite photographers or subjects that really inspire you?
My biggest influence is flickr. I look at flickr everyday and often go back to visit my favorites. I also post about people and things that inspire me at my new-ish blog, this is not my work. Right now I am loving Minato's stream.

How long have you been operating the prints shop? How is it working out?
My print shop has been open almost a year. I am lucky enough to say that it's worked out great. The cost of film and developing is high and since I blog almost everyday I'm sure you can imagine how it adds up. The print shop is nice way for me to keep going. I've learned some lessons about delivery confirmations and shipping internationally but the year ahead I really plan on keeping on top of that and learning from my mistakes. Overall the response has been awesome. Thanks to all the lovely souls out there....

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers? Any for those who still shoot film?
I am hardly skilled so I don't have much technical advice to offer, but whatever you'd like to do-just do it! Bring your camera everywhere, ask friends to model for you, don't be afraid to turn your light meter off and go with your'd be surprised what can happen when you stop trying to make everything perfect.

What are some of your interests outside of photography?
I am obsessed with documentaries and non fiction literature. I don't drive so often times you'll find me going for long walks in my city, visiting new places and trying new food. I like cooking and reading about food, decorating and redecorating my house, making things from paper and hanging out with James. I adore dresses and games, and cannot get enough of radio shows like "This American Life" and "The Splendid Table".

See more of Abby's beautiful work at her flickr and blog.


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