Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


+my classes! French, despite being at 8am every day (mon professeur est tres beau et de le Suède!), American Lit just reminds me of why exactly I attend university, the seemingly intellectual high ground of "literature" (spoken in a faux snobby British accent ala my animated professor), Personality is supposed to be one of the most challenging and interesting courses in the department, and my Creative Writing workshop is filled with fun people, good writers and insightful feedback.
+enthusiastic run-ins with old friends & classmates (even better if they happen to be in my class)
+museum day trips-PS1 has wonderful exhibits and the trip itself is an adventure, and even if only two floors of exhibits are open, a trip to the Guggenheim always makes me smile
+cardigan weather! (bare legs + light sweaters=♥), curled lashes and red lips (instant glamour for minimum effort!), cat hat, "twee" as a nickname, having friends with friends who are bartenders, brownstones, late nights & stomping in heels, Earl Grey and breakfast on too early mornings, art & characters so distinctively "east village," sharpie sketched portraits, cupcakes + macaroons, all you lovely folks who made it to the picnic (sorry I won't be late next time!), upcoming plans and aspirations.

Gosh, I love fall. Et vous, mon jolie lecteurs? What are you delighted about this darling season?


  1. I love your TILTS, they make my mornings(:

    Things I love about fall:
    -getting homework (I'm such a nerd)
    -walking to school
    -getting to say 'I'm in High School'
    -getting asked if I'm a senior
    -joking with my new teachers

  2. - travailler pour un revue
    - French (me too)! i'm starting 2nd level in January, it's still far far away, but I am [that] excited.
    - my new domain
    - your interview with "abby tries again"

  3. Kalliste- a french reader :DSeptember 27, 2009 at 2:58 PM

    Moi aussi, j'adore l'automne :)