Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bring Your Hips

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down-When We Swam

I'm walking, I'm walking, walking to the subway station, walking to my next class, walking with coat wrapped and scarf knotted, walking with a destination and pavement blurring beneath my steady heels. And then there is this. And I'm walking with a swing in my step, a sway in my hips, a leap in each movement of the feet, and there, my shoulders are shifting of their own accord, my body twists so and so. I'm walking and it has become dancing.

Suddenly I'm dancing under a bright sun, dancing with a smile and each step on the pavement sprouts a new golden yellow flower that spills to the sky, each breath in and exhale into pretty brilliant colors, rays that spin and dazzle. With a jerk and a nod, a wink and a shrug, I'm stepping and dancing and laughing, and oh, bring your hips to me, oh oh bring your hips to me.


  1. Love Thao!
    I got to see her and the boys live at SXSW. They were wondrous.
    Can't wait for the new record. :D

  2. Just thought I would leave a message. I think you are a beautiful young woman, and have some very thoughtful stuff to say. Great stuff.

  3. oh that is my most favorite song on the new album!