Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

+to do lists and crossing everything off
+cupcakes & free frosting shots, and a white daisy for "being cute"
+decorating a sparse tree with silver aluminum shaped into hearts
+hot chocolate cooked for strangers in the park
+walking across the williamsburg bridge in the freezing cold
+layering with cashmere
+new clothes: the perfect little tuxedo bra, a poofy red dress, a velvet blazer with a big bow in the back, a silk betsey johnson dress with gold daisy buttons
+last days of classes and nearly finishing finals
+gold white Christmas lights wrapped around trees that line the streets
+stepping into a warm apartment after the biting cold
+the subway tea party, of course, and the sweet folks who attended it
+Christmas songs as the perfect soundtrack to getting anywhere in the jolliest of spirits
+expected snow this weekend! Flying home on Monday!

Despite everything that has not been going well lately, it's these little things that remind me to smile and appreciate the season. And besides, it's almost 2010! I can't wait for so many the meantime, New York near Christmas time is remarkable. I'm going to miss it, even for the short while (relatively) I'll be gone.

But enough about me, what has you happy and giddy a week from Christmas?

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