Friday, July 31, 2009

Have You Been Waiting for Too Long?


Cale Parks-Knight Conversation

"I don't get it." She says, staring expectantly. He presses a finger to his lips.

They're sitting at the edge of the rooftop, she with her legs dangling over the edge. He sits with his knees drawn up and his feet touching the ledge, his shoes nearly grazing her hip. He tilts his head all the way back and stares at the sky. It is night but it is lighter than usual, and he can count exactly four and half stars.

"What are we waiting for?"

He doesn't reply and points up. She sighs and does the same. Her hair falls backwards and for a moment, he wonders what it'd be like if she loses her balance. But he doesn't let the thought continue, because then, then, as they stare into this sky, and the apartments around them shuffle with silent flashes of TVs and kitchen lights, they see something in the sky, something that no one else can touch, no one else can see. Her mouth opens in a silent o and he smiles so hard his face might rip apart.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

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+thunderstorms! Especially watching them from the safety of a room or under scaffolding, but sometimes being in them, too
+obscure family coffee shops in the East Village with cool older baristas and a perfect atmosphere
+readings books on writing in a bookstore (& being very much motivated/inspired!)
+writing fan, snarky pieces for my internship. Yay for ripping apart Cocorosie and Crystal Castles!
+giving a bag full of fruit bars to a surprised homeless man
+a present of unexpected cupcakes!
+hiding under a grove of trees in north central park as the rain pours around us
+makeout photoshoot + modeling in ridiculous, baby oil greased shoots for my friends
+finding a copy of Lula for six dollars on a stand on the street!
+meeting, as usual, the most interesting strangers with their own quirky projects
+The Game-yes the book about pickup artists by Neil Strauss. I finished it in about two days and I feel like I've learned so much. (I almost wish I was a guy so I can try out some of these techniques and watch it work, as fucked up as it might seem)
+the grass, flowers, and city bursting with life and beauty right after it rains
+finally bringing my Ferragamos and platform oxford stilettos to a shoe repair shop--now they are absolutely perfect and more comfortable than new <3!

And you? What little lovely things are making you smile wide in this last week of July?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Spend a Rainy Day

, originally uploaded by cloudsfollower.

It's an utterly miserable day here in Brooklyn, NY, with dreadful gray muggy skies and a humidity and heat to suffocate. It's easy to get caught up in the general unfortunate state of the world and the weather and fall into an unhappy slump, but it's just as easy to embrace what the weather brings, whether by enjoying the loveliest day indoor or dancing in the rain! Here are some marvelous things to do on a rainy day:

+Make a cup of your favorite tea (or coffee) and curl up in bed with a book
+Start a project--art, writing, craft, whatever it may be. Find unexpected supplies in the house.
+Play dress up and blast your favorite electro-pop
+Watch a classic film (try Godard for guaranteed aesthetic delight)
+Find an area outdoors, under scaffolding or a hideout in a park where you can watch the rain and thunderstorm fall all around you
+Break out a bright cheery umbrella and a pair of rain boots and stomp through outside!
+Watch (and listen to) the rain drops against your window from the safety of your room
+Listen to rainy day music--be that old Elliott Smith or Crystal Castles, or just put "rain" as a keyword in iTunes and see what it brings
+Look through old photos and read old diaries
+Hide under pillows and sheets
+Learn a new language. No, really, why not start now?
+Make a list of things you want to do on a bright sunny day, and as soon as the rain stops, go out and do them!
+Reorganize your books, music, shoes and closet
+Play a board game
+Take an empty jar, head outside and catch raindrops until it's filled
+Put on some fun clothes and shoes you won't mind getting wet, and go dance outside! Get soaked and sing out your favorite songs! It'll be utterly exhilarating, I promise.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Makeout Monday (in the rain!)

Once upon a time, in love with the idea of Makeout Monday and frustrated with the seeming limited supply of good kissing photos on Flickr, I put out a call for help to create a few good photos of my own. And luckily, my new friend Noah turned out to be a perfect model.



We went to North Central Park and walked around for a bit before it started raining (of course, right, it was sunny all day to start). So we hid in this little garden underneath a tree that at first provided surprisingly good shelter, then less effective when it became a downpour. We were both completely soaked by the time it stopped, but it was marvelous watching and hearing the rain fall on the water, the trees, the benches and ground. And when the sun came out again after, the park was incredibly gorgeous.



It started clouding over and looking like it might rain again after we took a few pictures, so we found scaffolding away from the park and escaped the twenty minute thunderstorm.

I do so love New York when it rains.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Interview With...Sabino!

You probably know Sabino best from his beautiful and widely loved Tumblr of the same name, but the 21-year-old photographer/blogger extraordinaire/part time law/journalism student has more to say than his impeccable taste in photographs. His numerous online projects include his Tumblr, Noquedanblogs and Recordis Photography, not to mention the beautiful photos of his own. He talks of the eternal film versus digital debate, his views toward "tumblarity" and his dreamy romance with Mon (aka Audreyhepburncomplex) in our interview.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Kiss a Stranger

kiss(photo via)

1. Be at the right place at the right time

For me, after a long night at a strange party uptown (where a few unexpected revelations twisted my mind and left me in a state of vague shock that stuck with me throughout the night),  and talking to strangers at a hostel across the street, I finally took the long walk toward Union Square and home. Four in the morning on a New York weeknight/morning, the streets with a subdued quiet not not total silence. It was on my way across 14th that a obviously drunken stranger stopped me to ask for directions.

2. Be in the right frame of mind

Kissing a stranger had been on my list of life goals for the longest time. It's such an impossibly romantic idea: in my mind it happened like this. I'd walk down the street and catch the eye of the cute boy coming in the opposite direction. We'd smile, and in that moment there would be something, magic. Then I'd be brave and bold and stop him, say hello, grab him and kiss him, and walk away with a smile permanently fixed to my face.

When the boy started chatting with me, I was hardly surprised. After all, it'd be a surreal night/morning to start, and perhaps part of my reason for taking the longer route to the subway was this shimmering hope that something extraordinary might happen to get me out of my head. He asked me the way to Washington Square, ridiculously easy to get to from where we were, and I pointed him in the direction. He said it was his first and last night in the city. I asked him where he was from, he said Chile (!). I asked him how his time in New York was. He said amazing, he loved the city. And all the beautiful girls here, beautiful girls like myself.

3. See an opportunity, go for it

So I didn't have to do much work this time. He said he just wanted to kiss all the beautiful girls here, and asked, "Can I kiss you?" I thought of my goal, my list, how easily it just fell into place. And his last night in New York! I said yes, of course. So he grabbed me and we kissed on the sidewalk, a movie scene in hyper reality. He said he wanted to do more, and I think for the first time in my life, a total stranger asked me, straight to the point, if I wanted to fuck. Given my already discombobulated frame of mind, I laughed and couldn't believe his words, but he was serious.

And I considered it, I walked with him back to his sister's apartment by the park, in fact. My head spinning with the surrealism of all of this. And there, I realized that kissing a stranger was enough of a dream come true, another piece crossed off my list. He was cute and sweet, and even if it was his last night, I left him with the kiss, and just that. Better that way, I think, a brief memory, a capsule story, a life goal accomplishment.

Before this, there were daydreams and fantasies, boys at clubs whose names I've forgotten, brief encounters at parties, but those hardly mattered. It's funny how this came without any effort on my part, except for the ability to smile and say yes, and chat with a stranger, even at four in the morning, even with the weight of the night pressed upon me. So be brave, be bold, expect the unexpected. When it happens, it will be a movie scene. And for that briefest of moments, there will be magic.

Things I Love Thursday

+late night rooftop existential conversations
+kissing a foreign stranger (finally!! And literally a stranger on the street!)
+not so late night bedroom philosophical conversations
+fancy picnics and ridiculous photoshoots in extravagant clothes
+meeting adorable new friends
+getting Virginia Woolf books from street shops and used bookstores for free or no money at all
+compliments from strangers
+sweet emails from readers
+meeting beyonce's stylist/fabulous fashionista extraordinaire Devohn
+seeing the Dirty Projectors for free
+redesigning the blog. Much much more wonderful content to come.

Now what about you?!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

t-shirt weather

On Monday, Luis, Rommie and I got all dressed up finally for a picnic and photoshoot in Riverside Park, where I first met Luis, actually. We had pomegranate juice, vanilla chai tea, blackberries and strawberries and peaches and grapes (oh my!), chips and crackers, donuts and fancy pipes, and of course, we could not have had a proper picnic without a big bucket of KFC. Oh and the photoshoot that followed, of course. Playing with Luis's ring flash was so much fun, and I got to dress up in Rommie's Marie Antoniette wig and amazing pink tutu.