Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Your Knee Socks

Britney Spears - How I Roll

Sometimes you get obsessed with songs. Sometimes you want to dance while you walk. Sometimes you wish you that it is already summer. Sometimes you need a spark, a flare, a lipstick kiss, a high heeled shoe. Sometimes every day is just not enough. Sometimes you want to drop your clothes piece by piece in a big open room, watch your smile spread in a big mirror above the bed. Sometimes you just want things to be simple and dazzling and bright.

Britney does just that. Throw away the irony and the condescending masks. Give in to the sugary sweetness of tequila on the rocks and the seduction of a snare drum, a melody, a line that stays in your head. Put on your lightest dress and flipped lashes and strut down the street. Take a boy home and watch the way he laughs. Kiss the tips of your fingers and remember the last time you felt so light, this good.

1 comment:

  1. this is pretty much exactly how i feel when i listen to that song. always did like Britney.