Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Book Lover's Paradise: 20 Ebooks for $20!

Harper Perennial is doing a fantastic promotion for August that features 20 of their backlist titles for 99¢ each in various E-Book format! This is like Christmas in the summer. I've been stuck reading lots of 19th century and otherwise older literature, and I'm excited to catch up on some modern writers I've missed. My head spins from browsing all the options and I want to buy all 20 now and read them all at once...(it is not completely impossible that I might actually do that), but in case you're a bit joyfully overwhelmed too, over the next few days I'm going to read samples and reviews of each title and give you my brief impressions to help pick out your next buy.

I'm not sure whether this is better news than discovering that Edith Wharton's complete works are available for the Kindle in one neat package for 99¢...but either way I'm ecstatic and can't wait to share what I discover!

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