Monday, August 1, 2011

In Olden Days...

I am not a fashion blogger. I am not a fashion blogger because I have a very small wardrobe (and I've learned that I prefer it that way) and not many (if any) designer clothes, and most of what I own is from H&M or Target designer collabs from the past. I wear the same pieces all the time--just a few in slightly different combinations--for days and days and it makes me happy because they're all just right. I shop all the time but end up buying very little. But still! I get very much joy each morning, getting dressed.

Occasionally (and especially lately--) I discover things that I really fall in love with and long to share. I've been trying new things, slightly different things that I love--less cute and sweet and maybe a bit more classic, timeless. Longer skirts and simplier outfits. Pearls and black pumps. Eras of the past (though I am terrible with buying real vintage clothes because allergies and impatience and things that don't fit right) and subtlety and never, ever, casual, and all that jazz.

So, H&M has been answering my prayers. This dress!

Sheer navy with tiny polka dots, an adorable collar I can't quite deal with in the summer, a loose waist, a long skirt with an ever so playful visible shorter hemline, a full, twirly skirt!

I'm a little obsessed. And in love. The first of many H&M dresses from recently to be so inspiring. I've been in a 1920s phase--so, pearls, one set that's a real pearl chocker, and another long chain of glass pearls I accidentally tied and delighted in finding it looked good! Black suede pumps with a pleaded square bow (from here, and so comfortable!), and of course, that necessary flower in my hair.

I couldn't justified going out to work in all this, so I simplified this in real life with one set of pearls and a more subtle flower in hair. Still, walking down to the hot oven of the subways, amidst colorful tribal patterned dresses and golden flat sandals, shorts and tank tops, I felt like I might have come from another world, another time. C'est magnifique.

(Hi world! I'm blogging again. For your sake and for mine, about frivolous pretty things or sad, real things. This time I won't worry about what I can or can't do so much, and just do.)


  1. I've been wearing retro polka dot dresses like this ever since I've watched 500 Days of Summer. The fresh look of the dress and the quaint feel of donning them never fail to amaze me.
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  2. That dress is gorgeous! If I stumble upon this kind of dress I will definitely buy it for my girlfriend.