Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer to Fall

Clothes are easy in the summer. Wear as little in as light of fabrics as possible, sheer chiffon and crisp cotton, accessorize minimally, wear the same dresses/skirt on alternating days, and voila. This has been more or less my uniform: sheer bow chiffon blouse a lucky recent find from Forever 21, my favorite (signature) H&M coral skirt, a flower in my hair, and other details that shift depending on the occasion: shade of lipstick, size and color of flower.

It is lovely. Honey warm tones and gold. I've found the thin gold bracelet rather indispensable--a gift from my mom. I remember seeing her wear it all the time when I was younger, not exact memories but faint images of her with it on her wrist. Now I feel naked without it. When my outfits are already so bare, it adds a touch of thoughtfulness that makes me feel that much more together.

But I've been dreaming, dreaming of the golden leaves and cool days of the fall...and the back to school signs and brown tones, blazers and jackets already in stores doesn't help. I have long skirts and coats in the closet I long to wear so desperately...I thought though it is far too early I'd play dress up and plan ahead!

A perfect new blazer (H&M) and gray over the knee socks (Sock Dreams) and patent leather Oxford heels (Macy's, long ago), Tolstoy and oh my! Rolled up sleeves and cuffed pants! Long walks without fear of sweat or discomfort! Fall is probably my favorite season in New York (second only to those unbelievable white blanketed snow days of winter)

All that I need is a perfect fall colored classic bag. I've been lusting after this Mulberry Conker Red Polly from My-Wardrobe:

I adore the old fashioned handle and the golden clasp, the timeless pebbled leather finish and silhouette, academic and serious, and yet hip view. Paired with a navy coat, black tights and oxfords (or, really, anything)...maybe it's a l way of savings away, but someday! In the meantime I can just dream...mid 60s weather and leaf lined streets...visit the website for more designer pieces to covet, from Marc Jacobs to Chloe, and even the preppy chic of Ralph Lauren for men)


  1. You look amazing, want this outfit!

  2. These colors together are beautiful! I can't believe the top came from Forever21! I would have scooped that up in a second. The skirt is beyond precious too! Great outfit!